Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


COLUMBIA COUNTY: Why is the 25-foot right-of-way not enforced on Ray Owens Road?

HEADLINE: "Ecology research to thrive." Taxpayers go broke, but a snail or obscure fish or something will live nicely, thank you.

WHILE THE GOVERNMENT spends us into the poor house, do you wonder where YOUR money is going? How about to the Savannah River Ecology Lab for "ecological organization." Now doesn't that sound like something to sing about?

COLUMBIA COUNTY enforces the Handicap Parking Law - $120 if you do not have a handicap sticker or tag. Think of all the money Richmond County could have if they enforced this rule. If they need money, this is one good way to get it.

THE HOUSE FINANCIAL Services Committee "voted to create a federal agency to protect consumers ..." How many federal agencies already exist to "protect" Americans, and how many failed miserably, thus setting up the present financial mess? Dozens. And not a one did its job. Why not? Because the powers that be manipulate the whole thing. A new government agency is just another government scam to make suckers think they're protected.

SO, CROSS CREEK wants to be the model school for Richmond County. They need to do some in-house re-evaluations first. Like why is administration causing the morale problems. Solve the problems your staff are having first, then all things will fall into place. Make yourself more available. Back your teachers up, when it comes to discipline problems. The officers should be there to enforce rules, only. Paperwork is important, but people are more important. Smile once in a while.

EVERY DAY THEY say pull your pants up, tuck your shirt in, no bookbags. Kids know by now this is not acceptable. Why does this continue, because the rules are not enforced. NOT ENFORCED! That's why.

ONE OF OBAMA'S Chicago henchmen, Durbin, "elbowed" a bill into the Senate that gives the very unprofessional FDA "new powers to oversee the nation's food supply." The bill had "bipartisan support." Obama continues to move very fast in every necessary area of life, e.g., health, food, you name it, to grab for total dictatorial power.

THIS IS A HUGE RANT against Columbia County decision-makers who have raped the forest adjacent to the county library. What on earth were they thinking? Well, they obviously weren't thinking about the Earth, much less the fact the playground is now going to be right next to a scraped-earth sea of asphalt. You couldn't have left enough trees for shade, for squirrels, for birds? And I'm sure the folks whose backyards are adjacent to this eyesore are enjoying watching their already lower property values fall through the floor. You may as well allow the Marshall Square developers to build all the apartments they want now. Morons.