Rants and raves

A RANT to the early-morning commuters that like to rip through the Weinberger's parking lot just so you can avoid being stopped by the light. We employees of Georgia Bank &Trust are going to get hit by one of you one of these days. Speed bumps are there for you to slow down, not to speed up and go around!


MY PERSONAL THANKS to the kind person that sent in the comment about North and South folks all being born under that same God. That is so true. If we would obey the command of our Savior that "they will know you are my disciples if you have love, one toward another," amazing what that could bring about.

TO THE PERSON who sends a rant in each and, it seems, every day defending the Obama administration. We are not all against Obama. There are those of us who feel the president has been going down the wrong path in some areas. So, please, enough is enough. You are becoming extremely boring. Remember, we have a right to our opinion, too.

THIS IS A RANT for Sheriff Ronnie Strength talking about the good service we're getting. The gangsters took over Applebee's in south Augusta. Now they are taking over IHOP, dealing drugs in the parking lot. We can't get a decent grocery store or restaurant in south Augusta because everybody's afraid of the gangsters and they won't build out here. So what am I getting for my tax dollars? I'll tell you what I'm getting. I'm getting out of south Augusta.

I AGREE WITH the ranter who said we should turn the Augusta Mall into a jail. After all, it seems the same group of people hang around both places anyway. At least then the mall would finally get decent security that would make sure shoppers didn't trample elderly people and wear their pants down around their ankles.

I SEE WHERE the Obama administration doesn't think that Fox is a news organization. I think that CNN and MSNBC are afraid to ask questions. Fox is the only true news organization left.

IF WE HAD anything resembling a real justice system, Mark McClain would have been put to death a long time ago. Instead, we have a system that rewards lawyers with an obscene amount of pay for dragging out an appeals case in court for a long time.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE. Mark McClain out and out murdered an individual. We have no deterrent anymore in the United States. That's why every day you have murders, rapes, child abuse and all that. Everybody out there protesting for this murderer ought to be slapped.