Rants and raves

THIS IS A RAVE to the parents of Grovetown Elementary first-graders. Parents like you have made this year with your children the best. Thank you to all that came with us on our field trip to Kackleberry Farms. It was such a pleasant surprise to see so many parents come along.


WHY DOES the Richmond County tag office not have its new Saturday office hours posted on its phone message or on its front door?

RAVE TO THE BOARD of Education. Pull those pants up and keep them up. If the parents had any control of their children, these kids would not be leaving the house with baggy pants. Here they come walking down the street holding up the pants with one hand and trying to carry books in the other hand.

THE MIRACLE MILE walk, breast cancer fundraiser was a huge success. There were over 3,000 walkers marching to a wonderful marching band, and many, many more participants that worked together to raise well over $100,000 to help prevent and treat breast cancer patients here in the CSRA. It was disappointing to get so little print coverage of this wonderful event.

AMEN TO THE PEOPLE complaining about the traffic situation on Wrightsboro Road near Augusta Mall. That is absolutely absurd that no one has been able to correct that situation on such a busy road.

READING THAT Candover, Mass., had hired goats to help with the landscaping -- why not do the same with the defunct golf garden downtown? The goats get fed, and the place is kept clean.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who obviously does not have children. As a single parent my kids go to school and eat breakfast there. Why would you want to take away from the children? Sometimes the school meals are the best meals some of these kids get.

THIS IS A RANT to Boshear's Skyfest for not providing refunds when events were canceled Saturday. Not everyone works Monday to Friday and could return Sunday. It was incredibly overpriced to begin with and after witnessing the complete disregard for your patrons, I won't be returning in the future.

IF PRESIDENT OBAMA would stop this useless war, we would have millions of dollars. The war is costing millions of dollars a day. We are losing American personnel. Other countries are losing people. It's a useless war. You'll never stop the Taliban. They are all over the world, and you'll never kill them all. If you stop the war we would have millions of dollars for medical research and helping senior citizens.