Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


OK, PANTYHOSE shoplifters, I guess I will see y'all at Bobby Jones Walmart this morning stealing our pantyhose. It's a sad thing finding all those empty packages in my department. I wish we could catch you all!

A HUGE RANT to the Josey High School band. At the Josey-Evans football game they made their entrance to the stadium, full volume, while the Evans band was performing pregame. Just before halftime they made another full-volume exit from the stadium while the game was still being played. Extremely rude and not typical for high school band people. Next time, please stay home.

I SAW THE MAYOR in a photo reading to children at Sue Reynolds School. Did the school system make him submit the name of the book beforehand? Did the parents have a chance to preview the book to be sure that he wouldn't indoctrinate their precious little ones? Were parents given the option of keeping their children home? I didn't think so. He's not the president of the United States. (P.S. I'm sure this will never get printed in The Chronicle.)

A RANT FOR the Georgia DOT officials who refuse to make the proper modifications to Mike Padgett Highway. They've known for years that this is the most dangerous road in the county and instead of putting in a turning lane from Brown to Tobacco they repave!

WILL SOMEONE explain to me for what purpose the TEE center will be used? A few years back, the media followed some commissioners with video cameras when they went out of state to a convention. The attacks against these commissioners by The Augusta Chronicle, talk radio hosts, local TV stations and callers were relentless. People said that they didn't need to go anywhere. If the powers that be back then didn't want our officials to travel for meetings and conferences, why do we need a TEE center? If other cities are like Augusta, they won't let their officials come here.

TO THE AUTHOR of the letter to the editor "Obama richly deserving of Peace Prize": Even someone who is an unabashed Obama supporter like yourself should ask himself whether 11 days in office was enough to get him nominated before the nomination deadline. If not, perhaps you should question your own objectivity.