School board member wants ban on saggy pants

Sagging pants by some Richmond County students at sporting events have prompted the Board of Education's vice president to propose a belt-tightening measure.


Alex Howard says officials have received complaints lately that some students are attending football games with their pants sagging so low their underwear shows.

Mr. Howard says he will take up the issue at a committee meeting today, asking board attorney Pete Fletcher to research the legalities of a policy requiring students to pull their pants up while attending a sporting event or other school function.

"I'm tired of seeing it," Mr. Howard said. He said he noticed several cases of sagging pants at an Academy of Richmond County football game.

"I want to see if there's anything we can do about it because it's embarrassing," he said.

Mr. Howard said he doesn't feel such a policy should require shirts be tucked in, as is the case in some schools, but he said students should at least have their pants pulled up enough to cover their underwear.

"You dress the part, you play the part," he said of the saggy pants trend.

He said a policy could force those who don't pull their pants up to leave the event and not get their money back.

Mr. Howard said saggy pants that expose underwear already are not allowed in Richmond County schools during classes. He said it's up to principals as to whether students must tuck their shirts in during class hours.

Mr. Howard said that if the attorney deems the idea legal, he plans to propose the policy.

"I'm just sad we have to do this," he said.

Speaking through his paralegal, Mr. Fletcher said Monday that he preferred to hear Mr. Howard's proposal at today's committee meeting before commenting.

Today's committee meeting will take place at 4 p.m. at the board office at 864 Broad St.