Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


WHAT A SHAME that Augusta is losing Fort Discovery. As a former employee, I had the opportunity of seeing thousands of excited, bright-eyed children learning that science can be fun to learn. It's too bad that Augusta can spend millions of dollars repairing rundown theaters and let the few attractions left leave, probably forever.

AS I SIT AND WONDER why the Augusta judicial system seems not to care about the welfare of women, I say keep the man who stalks, beats and intimidates his wife in jail with no bond. The judges who have these so-called "bond hearings" need to realize this guy is crazy.

I CANNOT BELIEVE that our local paper would stoop to the level of placing not just an article but a huge one on the front page of the Faith section about a pagan festival. Paganism is not a faith; it is a lack of faith. One who has faith in God would not worship the things of nature and darkness but would worship the God of truth and light.

PAGANS ARE JUST as entitled to their beliefs as anyone else. Did you critics even read the newspaper article? Most pagans believe the divine is in nature and so nature should be honored and respected. Pagans believe all are responsible for their own actions and must be willing to accept the consequences of those actions. Pagans have respect for other beliefs.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY ridiculous how many people think it is OK to just throw their trash on the side of the road. Every week I go out and pick up the trash in my neighborhood. There are fines for littering.

THERE IS A SECURITY guard out at Fort Gordon who has on many days brought a smile to my face when I did not feel like going to work. In the rain, the heat, the cold, he always has a smile on his face, and it is a joy to watch him work. I do not know his name, but the kids call him picture man, my husband calls him chief, and me, I call him a blessing.

THIS IS A RANT to all the morons who keep sending in rants squabbling over the North and the South. The last time I checked, we all lived together in North America, in the United States. The Civil War happened nearly 150 years ago. Nobody who lived then is still alive. It's high time people got over it and starting worrying about the world we live in today.

THIS IS A RANT for the person that called in the other day about the lights at Augusta Mall needing to be synchronized. It's not the lights that need to be synchronized; it's the people's brains.

THE AUGUSTA COMMISSION has neglected many Richmond County crime-ridden neighborhoods because of their focus on a pie-in-the-sky trade, exhibit and event center. Vote all of them out!