Rants and raves

THE ONLY PROBLEM with Michael Moore films is that most of the people who go to see them already know what time of day it is in this country, and the ignorant masses who need to be seeing his films so as to receive some education would rather call him names. If the man makes money exposing corruption and greed, more power to him.


WHAT IS WRONG with those idiots in Washington? They are not doing anything with health care that will help the American people, but will help the major corporations that run the hospitals. Cut the cost of prescription drugs and hospital services. That will allow the insurance prices to come down. Also, do something about these "ambulance chasing" lawyers that advertise on TV. They help drive costs up while padding their pockets.

AS LONG AS there is one American soldier in Afghanistan, we need to follow our generals' needs. You don't put our soldiers in harm's way and then deny them what they need to survive and win. Keep the politics out of it. This is about terrorism.

DON'T LUMP ALL Northerners together. We love it here. Love the people (Southern hospitality is no myth). Love the weather. Love the restaurant and shopping choices. Love the choices in medical services. Most of all we love the absence of horn honking. Love all of it! You won't see us complain or want to move back North. Here to stay!

I WAS BORN and raised in Ohio. I hate the name "Yankee." I have learned in the 40 years I've lived in the South why the South is the right place to be.

I AM A ONE-YEAR breast cancer survivor. (My mother and grandmother both lost their battle with this disease.) I would like to thank The Augusta Chronicle for the pink newspaper and for all the events that take place in the month of October. God bless all cancer survivors and those who did not win the battle with this disease.

ABOUT SENDING more troops: My daughter will be one of them in a few months. I'll be here to take care of her kids. I didn't want her to join the military, but now she has to do her duty. Ask the soldiers already over there if they want more troops. I bet the answer is yes. If you play a sport with half a team you're going to get killed.

THIS IS A RANT for President Obama. Why is he spending taxpayer money to go to Copenhagen, and how come Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, wasn't the one going to push the city's bid for the Olympics? From a former Chicagoan.

CAN PEOPLE NOT read? I am sitting in a waiting room with numerous signs (including one at eye level on the front door) that requests you not use cell phones. There are three people on theirs.