Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT for the absolutely thoughtless application of the color pink to all things related to breast cancer. This feminizes the issue and thus emasculates and embarrasses men stricken with this tragic condition. The local events are equally galling; dyeing fountain water pink, a survivors fashion show, etc.

I JUST THINK that it's really stupid to print the whole paper in pink. What about people with obituaries they might want to cut and save? Or someone whose child finally makes the sports column and it's all in pink? That's ridiculous. The front section would have been plenty and it would have gotten the message across. It's just ridiculous, and I hope you won't repeat it.

TO THE JOE WILSON supporter who claims they will "take the country back": Bring it on! There are a lot more of us sensible people who do not just shout out lies and overly emotional messages that have no real meaning. That's why we managed to overturn Bush and his cronies in a national election. The majority has spoken and we will speak again three years from now in another election.

OBAMA ET AL. are trying to destroy the Second Amendment -- which is clear -- and not only deny Americans the right to own arms, but also the right to bear arms, and even to dictate to us how to store our arms. Do any of our Georgia/South Carolina elected officials in Washington fight against this gigantic power grab? If they do, why do they not tell us, the constituents who sent them to D.C.?

NIKI WALLER WRITES, "If you think abortions are morally wrong or illegal, then don't have an abortion." What marvelous illogic. Such logic would dictate that if you think murder is wrong, don't murder.

WELL, EXCUSE ME. All these Northerners that are complaining about these Southerners ought to head north. If you are so down on the South, then you ought to be up North with the other Yankees. If you can't live in the South and be happy about it, then go home.

FOR ME, AUGUSTA'S dysfunctional government has an upside. I've found that part of Augusta's charm is its quaintness and the fact that it hasn't kept up with other progressive cities.

YOU COULD NOT pay me enough to be a school bus driver. They should be praised, these school bus drivers. There ought to be a man with a weapon, not to use it, but with a weapon, to guard these kids and keep them safe on the school buses so the bus driver can drive safely.

THIS IS A RANT for the eyesore that is the Regency Mall. Someone needs to do something about that decrepit old building. I, for one, am fed up with the slow way that things move in this city.