Rants and raves

EVERY DAY I READ The Chronicle from front to back. Thursday I tried to do so and ended up with sore eyes and a headache. With all due respect and love for breast cancer victims; why not just put an image of a pink ribbon on the top of each page. A little pink goes a long way.


HOW DO I GET a job with the city government job in Augusta? I have some minor medical problems that I need taken care of. But I'm sure by now contributions to the city's coffers have dried up since folks see where their contributions go.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE that want to rant and rave about different people: Read your Bible. You will find out that we all are sisters and brothers, no matter what color you are.

WHAT I DON'T understand is why Republican politicians want "less government" but aren't they part of that very government they want less of? If that's the case, I agree for less government, including politicians because they are a bunch of seat fillers that can't get anything done right.

CONCERNED Citizens of Richmond County want a chronic nuisance property ordinance, now!

RANT TO THE IDIOT driving their vehicle through yards in Country Place. It may be funny now but it will not be when you are caught and a have criminal trespass on your record.

THE DAYS OF "Southern hospitality" are gone forever. They seems to be replaced by rudeness, fast, reckless driving and the ever frustrating question of who gets to park along fire lanes, and who has to find a place in the parking lot. I will be happy to oblige and move back North. The weather just ain't that great here.

A RAVE TO THE STAFF at Bojangle's on Washington Road. They deal with the morning rush traffic quickly and efficiently and are pleasant to the customers, as well. Good job, y'all!

BEFORE YOU SUPPORT Obama's (or ANYBODY'S) government-run health care, ask anybody who goes to the VA hospital and find out how they dictate and manipulate. Do you want to be dictated to and manipulated?

OBAMA SAYS HE is "opening up credit." Now states show that (headline): "Many borrowers fall behind despite help." Over half of these borrowers who were never qualified but got help from you the taxpayer, are two months behind a year later. Let the market adjust the market. When government tries, it is only their method of grabbing more power from you, the citizen.