Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the crossing guard statement. Crossing guards are probably the lowest-paid city employees. When the city and the county consolidated, we lost more than half our sick days. It's not a high-paying job, and it's not a lot of hours. But we're out there when it's 20-degree weather or 90-degree weather. We need to be appreciated a lot more.

THIRTY YEARS AGO, Jimmy Carter squandered his golden opportunity. Now poor old Jimmy Carter is still trying to make himself significant. This time he's stirring the cauldron of racial discord. Carter's incompetence as president made Georgians the butt of jokes nationwide. Having a president from your state is only good if he's good.

PERHAPS IF MR. WILSON had said, "Sir, I believe you do not tell the truth," that would be acceptable, because what he said was just perhaps a bit rude, but it was the truth.

THIS IS A RANT to the person that stated that the people of South Carolina do not know how to elect someone who is not stupid. Metaphorically speaking, that is like a skunk telling a possum that its breath stinks when you consider the elected officials from Georgia. That list includes but is not limited to Ed McIntyre, Charles Walker, Marion Williams, Cynthia McKinney and Jimmy Carter. And please don't forget that in the last presidential election Richmond County went for Obama.

EVEN WHILE the economy continues to kill all of us, government continues to spend and waste like crazy. Now the FAA is blowing $1 million to add 300 feet to the Thomson airport. The story mentions a "hangar access road," which can't be very long or wide. So add another 100 feet to the runway for estimating purposes and it comes out 400 feet of paving at a cost of $1 million. Is that $2,500 per foot? As usual, government thinks it's heaven and paves with gold.

WHILE THE POLICE are hopefully cracking down on the cars violating the noise ordinance on Glenn Hills Drive, could they slow down the speeders going 10-15 miles over the speed limit, too? That includes school buses, school safety officers and regular vehicles. If you go the speed limit, you get tailgated the whole way.

FURLOUGH MEANS "a leave of absence from duty." For Richmond County to require teachers to work on what they call "furlough" is shameful. If you aren't going to pay them, then they shouldn't have to work. Close the schools. Then someone will get a strong message.