Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT TO the Richmond County Board of Education. When did a furlough become an unpaid workday for teachers? Didn't Wal-Mart get into trouble when it worked employees "off the clock"? Is our school system above the law? If you don't get paid, you should at least get to stay home.

WHY THE BIG PUSH over health care, another government program that will end up like Social Security? The government needs to prove it can be trusted by fixing Social Security first. Otherwise, health care is just going to be another failed government program down the road. Fix what is already broken.

MAYBE IF WE installed security cameras downtown, people might actually feel safe enough to go to Broad Street. It seems like it's been overrun by kids not even old enough to have finished high school, and I think it's really become a safety concern.

I HAVE A RANT for the U.S. post office. When is it going to announce that there will be only one pickup delivery per day now from its mailboxes?

RANT TO ALL WHO, when confronted with what President Obama and this Congress are doing wrong, respond with what they didn't like about President Bush. I guess when they can't justify their actions, all the left can do is talk about the past.

LET'S JUST AGREE to disagree that Obama is not doing everything politically correctly, but did Bush ever give people an open forum? That's where all the problems began, George W. Bush.

RANT TO THE irresponsible drivers who don't watch out for motorcycles, I weave in and out of traffic to avoid you. Nobody else in the city of Augusta uses turn signals. What makes a difference if I do or not?

WHEN DID The Augusta Chronicle become a Democratic paper? I'm 65 years old, and all my life it has been a Republican paper. But it seems now Obama does no wrong. Personally, I think it should be a nonpartisan paper, but it's always been Republican. I guess the younger generation that's running it is running it for Democrats. I don't think they should side with either party; they should print the news as it happens, not as they want to see it.

TO THE READER who had unkind things to say about Ed Turner and Number 9: This group puts on concerts to benefit nonprofit organizations. I'd like to know what you have done to improve our community.

MY SON'S BIKE was stolen from our front porch. We work hard for our money. I know times are tough right now, but stealing my son's bicycle will not make it better for you. If you needed help, you should have come to the door and asked.