Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


I RECENTLY moved to Augusta and attend Academy of Richmond County as a senior. I had to go pick up some paperwork from the Board of Education downtown and was dumbstruck. How can the BOE have marble floors, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and ambient music throughout when ARC does not have enough books for the students, major roof leaks and gaping holes in the floors of portables?

A RANT TO the Richmond County Board of Education. The transportation office should be ashamed of letting high school kids ride the bus full of students. I pass by school buses and see students standing up. Suppose the bus driver has an accident. Then it's going to be too late.

TO ALL PARENTS who send their child to school knowing that the child is sick. You need to keep the sick child home not only for your own child's sake but for the sake of all the other kids at school. My 5-year-old grandchild (in a Richmond County school) is sick because someone sent a sick child to school. There's a lot more to being a real parent than making a baby or giving birth.

IT IS SO SAD when parents make negative comments, especially about the school their child is attending. That's why we have students disrespecting administrators, teachers and staff, etc. You make negative comments about the school and the staff in front of your child, so what can we expect from your child? Discipline problems. Parents, please support your child's school and teach your children how to do the same.

RECENTLY, I WAS ticketed in Columbia, S.C., for not wearing my seat belt. Guilty as charged. $25 and a lesson learned. As I pulled away after receiving the ticket, I immediately noticed a motorcycle rider with no helmet. I'm at a loss. Would someone explain the rationale of this?

MR. PRESIDENT, please stop trying to work with the Republican grand old poohbahs. They do not want health care reform in any way, shape or form. Ignore the Republicans and get it passed, public option and all.

U.S. JUDGE Randal Hall "departed from the federal sentencing guidelines to impose a longer sentence ..." on convicted bank robber D.B. Kelly. Good for Judge Hall. Now, if this judge can "depart from sentencing guidelines," why do so many judges hand out wrist-slapping sentences and then claim they had no choice because of those same guidelines?

STEPPING BACK and looking at the big picture, it appears our local government officials consider the money in their coffers to be their own personal spending money. They want to build stuff we don't need, instead of fixing stuff we do need. The economy is in the toilet and they still don't get it.