Local authors to gather at Nancy Carson Library

NORTH AUGUSTA --- Tales of a possum and spiritual readings are just two themes to be represented by local authors at tonight's Book Bash.


Nancy Carson Library will host about 30 authors from Georgia and South Carolina at its annual event at 7 p.m.

The following is a wrap-up of some authors who will be present.

AUTHOR: John Bush

BOOK: Child Safety: From Sexual Predators

SYNOPSIS: The purpose of this book is to help parents protect their children. Every day children are kidnapped and molested, and some never make it home alive. In this book you will find everyday child safety tips, how to reduce the risk of your child being a victim, how to keep children safe while online, a list of online slang terms, child identification/DNA kit, online code-of-conduct contract, driving contract for teens, home rules and school rules contract, and finally a wealth of resources on the Internet that can help every parent protect their children.

AUTHOR: Linda Bush

BOOK: Unfolding God's Word

SYNOPSIS: This book is meant to be a tool to help people memorize Scripture. There are Scriptures and facts for every book of the Bible. It also includes a section to help memorize the books and divisions of the Bible, maps on which to draw the journey routes, pictures to draw, and miracles and parables to read and tell in your own words.

AUTHOR: Starkey Flythe

BOOK: The Futile Lesson of Glue, a collection of poems, and Lent: The Slow Fast

SYNOPSIS: It is a book of short fiction stories. These are stories about relationships between people, couples, parents and friends and how people change even though they still love each other -- or don't love each other.

AUTHOR: Ira Berkow, who wrote Lou Brissie's story for him; Mr. Brissie will be present, signing copies of his book

BOOK: The Corporal was a Pitcher: The Courage of Lou Brissie

SYNOPSIS: Story of a seriously wounded World War II veteran who came back to pitch major league baseball and was a member of the 1949 American League All-Star team.

AUTHOR: Bill Harper

BOOK: Straight Arrow: The Definitive Radio Log and Resource Guide For that Legendary Figure on the Trail of Justice

SYNOPSIS: The radio show, even though short-lived, did rank at the top of all children radio shows and was the first to break into the rating for adult shows.

AUTHOR: Gene Jennings

BOOK: Laughing with Sarah

SYNOPSIS: Subtitle: Thoughts on the Journey with God . How can I be all God wants me to be, even through the impossibilities of life? In the book of Genesis , God told 90-year-old Sarah that she would have a child. She laughed at the thought. But God had the last laugh when Sarah bore her son, Isaac, whose name means 'to laugh.' Laughing with Sarah encourages the reader to be obedient to do the things God has called people to do even if it seems impossible.

AUTHOR: Jeanne McDaniel

BOOK: North Augusta: James U. Jackson's Dream

SYNOPSIS: It's the story of the founder of North Augusta, James U. Jackson, and the city, itself.

AUTHOR: Don Rhodes

BOOK: Down Country Road With Ramblin' Rhodes ; Ty Cobb: Safe At Home ; and Say It Loud, My Memories Of James Brown, Soul Brother No. 1

SYNOPSIS: The first book is excerpts or whole columns taken from his weekly Ramblin' Rhodes music column published between 1970 and 1982 (in The Augusta Chronicle ). The introductions were written by Barbara Mandrell, Brenda Lee and Minnie Pearl. The second is a biography of the first person inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and a look at his life in Augusta for more than 25 years. The introduction was written by Cobb's granddaughter, Peggy Cobb Schug. The third is a biography of soul music legend James Brown and his life in Augusta and Beech Island, including personal stories about my crossing his path many times. The introduction was written by rock and country legend Brenda Lee.

AUTHOR: Brett Cooper

BOOK: Pesky Percentages

SYNOPSIS: This book is intended to be used for students in grades four through eight to teach how to solve percentage problems in a visual, mental and poetic approach. The book is designed for teachers to use in a week worth of instruction to teach kids percentages in a concrete way that will allow them to truly understand and remember how to solve percentage problems.

AUTHOR: Christine Deriso

BOOK: Talia Talk; The Right Under Club; Do-Over; and Dreams to Grow On

SYNOPSIS: The first book, Dreams to Grow On , is a children's picture book. Her subsequent books have been tween novels exploring the angst, joys and challenges of middle-school years in a fresh, funny and contemporary way. The latest novel, Talia Talk , involves Talia turning tables on her secret-blabbing mom, the co-host of a chatty morning show, when Talia nabs a commentary on the school Oddcast. Coming up next is a sequel to The Right Under Club , then a young adult novel.

AUTHOR: Dianne Brady

BOOK: Why the Wind Blows

SYNOPSIS: The Hunley, a Civil War submarine, was recovered from the ocean off Charleston, S.C., in 2000. The book tells the story behind this vessel and its crew, and looks to the future and a scientific discovery on Mars that will stun the world in this thrilling allegory that releases the power of a modern-day Pilgrim's Progress, becoming an exhilarating page turner for truth seekers of all ages. The exploits of generations influenced by each other head to an electrifying climax.

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What: Book Bash at Nancy Carson Library

Where: 135 Edgefield Road, North Augusta

When: 7 p.m. today

Who: Local authors from Georgia and South Carolina, to include: Laurel Blossom, Idella Bodie, Dianne Brady, Lou Brissie, John Bush, Linda Bush, Calvin Butler, Stephanie Captain, Brett Cooper, Christine Deriso, Maggie Dorsey, Starkey Flythe, Patrick Green, Bill Harper, Gene Jennings, Terry Leiden, Jeanne McDaniel, Lucy Nolan, Wayne O'Bryant, Don Rhodes, Michael Ryan, Ceretta Smith, Debi Toporoff, Barbara Walker, Glenda West and Laura Lee Zanger.