Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


HOORAH FOR MICHAEL VICK going with the Eagles. I wish it could have been with Atlanta, but I'm glad he is back. I know what he did to dogs was wrong, but I still can't get over how these animal rights people and our unfair legal system treated him. People in this country are so lost for things to worry about that they now think pets are as important as people.

TO THE PERSON or persons who complained about children under 6 years old being in the church sanctuary during regular services: First, you do not know what type of religious concept this child or children have of God. And secondly, if you have never had children yourself, you would not know how to properly deal with a child. I suggest that you let the parents decide what is right and wrong for their own children, not you.

RANTS TO THE principal at Cross Creek High School for not allowing book bags. I assume he and the school board are going to be understanding when a kid's textbook is ruined by rain and we taxpayers will not be required to pay for it. Just another rule to keep from addressing a growing juvenile gang problem. This "see no evil" mentality also affects good kids.

THIS IS A RANT to the EMT I saw getting into a vehicle parked in a handicapped space at Wal-Mart. Shame on you! I wouldn't think that an EMT would be handicapped and be able to properly perform the job.

A U.S. SENATE delegation is flying to Iraq. Why? The Senate has no constitutional authority in foreign policy, and the trip is costing a fortune. It can only be an expensive ego trip for a few senators.

THIS IS A RANT for people who don't know what the phrase "limited visibility" means. It means whenever it is cloudy, raining, the street lights are on in order for you to see where you are going. This is especially for those of you who drive dark-colored vehicles that are hard to see in the dark. For your safety and the safety of others on the road, turn on your headlights.

THE GRANITEVILLE water fight is a local example of what's happening in government at every level. Citizens are outvoted by those elected to "serve" those same citizens. Water rates jump up seven or eight times. That's just dictatorship by a few arrogant airheads.

SOME HIGH SCHOOL students are also enrolled in college. That has never made any sense. If you graduated from high school with good enough grades, then fine, go to college. But this nonsense of being a student in both is just one more modern and absurd way to con kids into thinking they've been "educated."