Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS TO THE GOP: Quit blaming and start doing what is good for the country and not for your own greed and selfishness. That is exactly why Obama beat McCain by a landslide in electoral votes.

THE NEWS REPORTS that Obama's health care bill would end denial or cancellation of coverage and that "insurers (could) no longer base premiums on a person's medical history." Since when does government have the authority to meddle in private contracts? It doesn't. Somebody who doesn't like what an insurance company offers can look for other insurance companies. That's called a free market.

LINDSEY GRAHAM was just reelected in 2008 by a landslide. Obviously nobody in South Carolina wants him out in 2014. He will win again.

LINDSEY GRAHAM ran a near flawless scam on the people of South Carolina and the U.S. with the masterly way he conned us all and ended up helping Obama get Sotomayor on the Supreme Court.

WILL WE EVER GROW UP and realize that you don't "transition eighth-grade" kids "slowly to high school"? A student completes a grade satisfactorily, then goes up to the next grade. Period. Trying to make it easier only makes it harder in the long run.

WHAT IS IT THAT HOVERS over this city? As a retired serviceman I have yet, in the 17 years that I have lived here, to see what keeps race at the forefront of everything that happens. When I go out in this city I do not see where anyone has room to point a finger. Every race in this city has issues. Take the political arena. It has nothing to do with the issues. It has everything to do with color of skin because there is nothing that is going on and being discussed that was not there a year ago.

WE SHOULD HAVE HOPE that our new president will do some good for our country. We need to stop complaining and thinking the worst. I have hope in our country and in Americans, but reading this section of the paper often makes me question that. Please be more positive.

I CHALLENGE EVERYONE in Harrisburg to stop being afraid and to join with the concerned citizens of Harrisburg to fight the good fight. Your community needs you right now. Together we will make Harrisburg better than it ever has been.

MY SON IS GOING to Cedar Ridge Elementary, where there are over 900 students. Down the street at Euchee Creek they have around 350. Why hasn't someone admitted the system messed up when drawing the zoning lines and fix the problem? Redraw the lines. Sure, some parents will complain about having to switch schools again, but what is best for the children?