Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT TO the ranter saying a teacher shouldn't complain about not having air conditioning. She deserves it while she tries to teach your child. Don't try to make us feel sorry for you working in a cotton factory. Teachers should get the best of everything to help educate our future.

TO THE RANTER that said: "I bet you she wouldn't go back because a teacher's job is a pie job. She needs to quit griping and be grateful that she's got a job." Are you nuts? We need teachers. God bless our teachers!

THIS IS FOR all the people who come out to eat, receive excellent service, run us servers all around and then leave no tip. This is how we make a living, so if you do not have the money to tip please do not go out to eat.

HEADLINE: " Obama vows overhaul even without support." In other words, Obama vows to have his way even over the objections of the American people. That, friends, is as good a definition of tyranny as there is.

TO THE PEOPLE irrationally blaming the police for the rise in crime: We all know that Sheriff Ronnie Strength and his fine staff do great work, as evidenced by all those arrests of crooks along with drugs and weaponry. We need to assign his department more money so that he can use even more officers in his efforts to fight crime. You can't cut his budget and expect him to do more and more with it when there are more and more criminals popping up.

HOW ON EARTH can one Graniteville resident waste 85,000 gallons of water? That woman should be ashamed and charged the full price of that increased bill just to teach her to conserve.

I REALLY WISH there was no "cash for clunkers" program. It would be better to put in "cash for public transit" to increase and push the utilization of public transit for the greater good. Less fuel use all around, etc. Look at Atlanta's MARTA program. Several runs a day on most routes, fast service from the airport all the way up north into Chamblee, with hours running long enough to take people to work and back and out and about.

BOOT THE FOOLS out! First we hear that the economy was wrecked because folks could not afford the homes they bought, encouraged by government. Now we are encouraging folks that cannot afford a new car by giving cash for clunkers. Only fools don't learn from their mistakes.

I HAVE A RANT for the condition of Richmond County. Everywhere you look all you see is trash all over and weeds growing wild. What will it take to get people to put their trash where it belongs, and why can't our county commissioners do something to get it all cleaned up?