Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE SOMETHING to say about the X-Mart opening up. I don't see why officials won't let it open when we've got strip clubs not too far from there. When people visit the Augusta area and go downtown and see what it looks like, you've got the dirty strip clubs over there. If they can't let the X-Mart open up, then they need to shut the strip clubs down.

THIS IS TO the Columbia County Transit driver: You need to stay off your cell phone because your driving's not too good while you are using that cell phone. I'm going to get your license plate number if you don't stop driving recklessly while you are carrying people up and down the road and not looking where you are going.

OBAMA SHOWED his true colors. No. 1, he should have never commented on the arrest that took place. No. 2, a white officer arrests a black man and he assumes it had to be racial. No questions asked.

THIS IS TO Deputy Bryan Johnson and other bad cops. It is not fair to beat people, especially when they are already in handcuffs and down. You don't do stuff like that. It's absolutely not right. To the person who left a rant about cop haters. We're not cop haters; we just hate what a cop does after a man is in handcuffs.

THIS IS TO the teacher squawking about having to work in a room with no air conditioning. That sure is bad. I'd like to see her go to work in a cotton mill for eight hours with no air conditioning. I bet you she wouldn't go back because a teacher's job is a pie job. She needs to quit griping and be grateful that she's got a job.

THIS IS A RANT about tailgaters. I may drive slower than you'd like (though usually not below the limit) but you need to back off. You can't see the car seats, but there are two babies in my car that you should worry more about than how fast I'm going.

WHY WE WISH for the good old days: First issue of Time magazine, March 3, 1923, mentions the U.S. president's name only one time in the entire 29 pages. Contrast that with today's news magazines.

TO THE RANTER complaining about the expense of cleaning up the green room and other areas at the James Brown Arena: You don't really know any stars, do you? Many of them are not nice, humble folks like Vernon Forrest, who never got a swelled head and worked to better the lives of kids and other people. A lot of stars are very spoiled and picky enough to not consider doing shows if a place is not to "their standards."

AS A LIFELONG resident of Harrisburg I am truly grateful for all the efforts of Butch Palmer and his group. They are doing wonderful things to clean up this neighborhood and make it a jewel. Other neighborhoods in the city would only be so lucky to have a person like Butch.