Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT TO PARENTS who believe lifeguards are baby sitters. They are not. They are paid to guard the lives of the people in the pool, not the children who are camped there all day, every day while their parents act as if the pool is a baby-sitting service. As someone who works from home I cannot go to my pool during the day, too many unruly children, no parental supervisor and a 16-year-old left to watch all of them. Take responsibility for your own kids.

LIFEGUARDS ARE NOT paid to watch your child. They are there in case of an emergency. So, yes, other parents are being forced to watch your child so you can run your errands. Leave them at home or take them on the errands and let us enjoy the pool.

THE PERSON WHO said that south Augustans use their signals properly is mistaken. Hardly anybody uses signals. I'm right at the corner here and I see it and they don't even stop. Further, there's a great big pothole up on Richmond Hill and Lumpkin Road. Come and fix it soon, please.

RANT TO ASU for losing full-time professors. If it would cancel the construction of brick crosswalks all around the campus, there would be enough money to save some of these positions.

I LOVE CHILDREN and have two of my own. However, there is a time and place for kids under the age of 5. One place that is not the best place is a church worship service. The child is too young to understand the message, so he or she is bored. A fidgety and/or crying child is a major distraction to others in the service, including the pastor. Some poor parents spend the entire service trying to quiet the child, so the parent does not enjoy the message either. Please, put your child in the nursery where there are age-appropriate activities until he or she is old enough to sit quietly in the sanctuary.