Rants and Raves

ACCORDING TO the police report, former boxer Vernon Forrest, after being robbed, grabbed his gun, chased the assailants and fired. Regretfully, Forrest was killed. All this goes to show that you are not necessarily safer if you carry a gun for protection. In fact, you may be less safe.


A RANT TO THE LEADERS at Augusta State University and the Medical College of Georgia. It's a shame that employees of MCG and ASU have to read about our six unpaid days off in the news. Why are they letting the press know without giving us the details first? That's pretty low.

RANT TO WHITE congressmen: Judge Sonia Sotomayor theorized that a wise Latina woman would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life. When the majority of those white congressmen vote for her appointment to the Supreme Court, which appears likely, her theory will become fact.

WHY IS IT that now the Republicans talk about the national debt when George Bush was wasting taxpayers money like a drunken sailor as president?

I HAVE RETURNED to Harrisburg after having been away for six years. The 500 block of Tuttle Street looks beautiful. Those live oaks planted up Tuttle Street to Walton Way are a nice touch, too. Thank you, Butch Palmer.

RANT TO THE PERSONS who stole my wife's enclosed cargo trailer from behind her store in Surrey Center. This occurred about two weeks ago. It was well-secured with multiple locks on the hitch coupler. According to authorities, these thieves wrap a chain around the coupler and attach it to their vehicle, and drive away. It had been there more than four years. It also had a lot of store fixtures inside that she now has to replace. It is hard enough to run a small business today, let alone protect your property from people like this.

RAVE TO THE responsible parent who personally restricted her kids from driver's licenses until they reached 18. I wish more parents were that caring and concerned not only for their kids, but their neighbors and friends and others.

WHEN IS THE 45 MPH speed limit on Furys Ferry Road going to be extended beyond the Hardy McManus Road intersection? The 55 mph, which of course to drivers means it's OK to go 65 or 70, makes it suicide getting out of the many subdivisions. I have seen far too many close calls.