Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


GOOD TO HEAR the Richmond school board is cutting $6.5 million more from schools. If that spending can be cut, it obviously wasn't necessary in the first place. How many more millions -- in all areas of government -- have been wasted? How many still are?

RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education says it's cutting spending; then it votes unanimously to fight -- what? -- asthma? Is that an education issue?

WHAT'S UP with some of those chicken school board members? Are we to understand that the proposed tax increase would have meant an extra $80 a year tax on a $1 million house? Even some of us old folks on fixed incomes would gladly cough up an extra 5 to 20 bucks a year in taxes on our modest abodes in order to maintain a decent level of education in this burg.

SONNY PERDUE says he must cut Georgia funding down to the level it was at in 2005. Why did he let it go up?

I'M DISGUSTED by the governor's plan to furlough workers. Perhaps he should have handled his budget better. For instance, everyone knows that the "Sonny money" given to teachers in the past was nothing more than an attempt to buy votes. It's not the poor economy causing these furloughs -- rather, poor administration.

AS A PARENT of three I have had my share of tough decisions. One was whether or not to let a teenager get a driver's license at the age of 16. My decision then and now has been no. Cars are not toys. They are a means of transportation that happen to weigh hundreds of pounds and can be quite dangerous when not operated with the proper respect for their power. My "teenagers" are now 24, 19 and 17. I believe that my oldest two are that age now due to my restraint and the decision that they were not to receive a license until they turned 18. My 17-year-old is looking forward to that day.

THIS RAVE GOES OUT to those leading families in Harrisburg: You make Augusta better. We are proud of you for standing up to those slumlords and trashy dope peddlers. Thank you.

IN RESPONSE to the person who wrote in about parents who drop their children off at the neighborhood pool, leaving them for the neighbors to watch: I occasionally drop my child off at the pool while I run errands, and I do not expect other parents to watch them. That is what we pay the lifeguards to do. If a child is at the age and has passed all swimming requirements and has earned this privilege, for you to rant about this is unfair. If you are experiencing an unruly child at the pool, you should notify the lifeguard, who should then notify the parent of the child.

RAVES TO THE DRIVERS in south Augusta who do use their turn signals. They are a significant majority. Thanks, y'all.