Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT against the city of Augusta and its parks department. I had the opportunity to walk on Augusta's Riverwalk Sunday. What a shame. Red clay, dirt, dead plants. All this used to be a beautiful, lush, green plant site with butterfly gardens and herb gardens. Red clay has washed down on the walk on the lower level with its broken, raised cracks in it. You should never even promote this area. I'm very thankful I live in North Augusta and have a beautiful Greeneway to walk on.

A RAVE FOR ANY KIND of health care reform. Millions of Americans have no health insurance at all, or are underinsured. Millions more lose coverage temporarily because of the economy, through down-sizing and layoffs. Hundreds of thousands of Americans seek treatment in foreign countries because it is more affordable and is often given by American-trained doctors anyway. The nation is being ripped off and lied to by powerful financial interests with big-time lobbyists.

WHY IS IT you can not get a decent haircut, color job or perm in this town? Could it be the hairdressers stop cutting your hair to talk on the phone, or cut hair while talking about other customers and their own personal problems? They are not focused on you as a client. What I have seen here in this town is lack of professionalism in this trade. Also, I think this section of the newspaper has served its purpose. Please discontinue it. It shows the pure ignorance of people all the time, and in this town we need no more of that.

WHY DO I have to hear loud, blaring music in restaurants? We are there to enjoy conversations, not rock out.

A RAVE TO Rick McKee for his cartoon on July 18 making fun of all the different, ridiculous conspiracy theories that are out there. It's amazing what some people will believe, like all that nonsense about the moon landings being faked or Obama's birth certificate not being real.

HOW COME "cash for clunkers" is being used to buy foreign-made cars and not restricted to American-made cars?

ENOUGH WITH the tattoo debate already! People can put what they want on their body, but they are the ones that have to live with it every day and watch it stretch and sag for the rest of their lives. Personally, I don't care for them and would never get one, but the rant and rave argument over tats needs to end.

I RECENTLY MOVED here from the Atlanta area, and if you were not at least 18 years old you had to have a parent with you at the mall. I went to Augusta Mall recently, and it needs to look into this rule. Parents send their kids off to the mall and they don't know how to act like young men and women.