Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT to the right: For decades we heard "Love it or leave it" from y'all, and now you don't like hearing it come back on you. Well, ain't that just a real pity? Something else for you to cry and whine about.

AUGUSTA HOUSING officials plan to pour $2.4 million more in tax money down the rat hole they call "investment" to "revamp neighborhoods." Government "investments" never work, and they won't work here. The only thing that'll work is private investment. And if government would get off its bottom and enforce laws, private enterprise would move into lousy neighborhoods, build them up again, make a profit, and everybody would be happy.

THE GEORGIA Supreme Court granted a new trial to Tom Edwin Chumley, a man who made two uncoerced confessions that he shot his own mama to death. The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the trial judge should have withheld some facts from the jury, i.e., the facts that both confessions were voluntary. As long as Georgia's Supreme Court sticks with these insane decisions, we can all prepare to have our freedom gone and soon.

WHEN I MOVED to North Augusta, it was a nice small town. Now it wants to pretend it is Charleston. It needs to put more money into the schools instead of attempting to build a false image based on greed.

IT'S SAD ENOUGH that Michael Jackson fans worship the poor schlep, but why must the media cover things like those pathetic fans hauling caskets filled with junk from other fans to graveyards and burying the junk as if the junk were dead people? Society is really sick.

BOTH DEMOCRATS and Republicans claim we need to fix health care. Then they play a game where they pretend to disagree on how to fix it. What a con they're playing. The only fix U.S. medical care needs is for government to get completely out of the business.

THIS IS TO the individual who wrote in about people on Section 8. Not everyone on Section 8 behaves like your neighbor. You just alienated everyone on Section 8 making it sound like that is how everyone on Section 8 behaves. How dare you stereotype people like that. Section 8 has nothing to do with how kids behave. I have seen juvenile criminals from all economic backgrounds. If you have an issue with that person, take it up with him or a neighborhood association.

TO THOSE OF YOU commenting about tattoos being trashy: Why do we continue to judge by what we see with our physical eyes? Please, before you pass judgment, get to know the person. You might be blessed with a wonderful friend. I do not have tattoos or piercings, but I have some wonderful friends who do.