Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE TO The Chronicle for printing Eugene Robinson's liberal July 18 column beneath two letters from Obama-hating, Rush Limbaugh-brainwashed, ditto-head conservatives. It is refreshing to see a little political balance in the paper.

RAVES TO The Augusta Chronicle. I so enjoy the American Profile publication that's included in the Monday paper, and we recently even enjoyed one of the trips that was mentioned in the Happenings column. Our thanks, and we really do appreciate and enjoy this publication.

I DON'T KNOW whose idea it was to put the Sports section before the Metro. I don't like it. Please change it back.

A RAVE FOR every member of Congress who signed the pledge to read the entire health care bill and post it for 72 hours on the Internet. A big rant for all congressional members who haven't signed the pledge because they want taxpayers to pay for abortions and other unwanted procedures.

WAS IT ALL SCRIPTED ahead of time? Sen. Lindsey Graham had Sonia Sotomayor on the ropes; then he backed off before knocking her out. Why should he suddenly back down when he was winning, unless backing down was his plan all along?

STORY TELLS OF COPS wounded or killed while "on the beat" in Jersey City and New Mexico. Not too long ago Broad Street had cops walking the beat, and there was little crime, thus little danger there to law-abiding citizens. Now many folks are afraid to even get close to Broad Street. All it needs is a couple of tough cops walking that beat 24 hours a day.

I AGAIN SAW in your paper that illegal Latinos are only doing jobs that Americans do not want to do. I know over a dozen American brick masons, framers, electricians, sheetrock installers, tree surgeons and concrete specialists that have not been able to get work for the last three years because employers are hiring illegal Latinos to pad their own bottom line.

Along the lines of being able to differentiate between what something costs and what something is worth: The playground extension behind the Columbia County library was free to the county; the time I spend with my kids there is priceless; the cost to the county for cleaning up the horrible mess the construction crew left in the adjoining green space next to the playground? To be determined.