Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A HUGE RAVE to a small boy. While at Sam's Club with my wife the other day, I pulled out my club card from my pocket. Not knowing it, I also pulled out the cash in my pocket, which hit the floor. A small boy, hardly tall enough to see over the shopping cart handle, saw this and followed us to the checkout. There he got my attention and told me I had dropped my money, which was a sizable amount, and handed it to me. What a wonderful job his parents have done in teaching him honesty, and how very proud they must be.

I AM GLAD someone has finally addressed the fact that the 2-year-old child was unattended next door to a yard with dogs. I feel bad the child was injured, but the injury should not be blamed on the dogs.

A RANT TO the animal savior whose dogs bit the child recently. You should have to sit by this child's bed and listen to him cry for 24 hours, and pay his hospital bill also.

JUDGE SOTOMAYOR shouldn't have to apologize for what she said. I'm African-American, and I've lived in poverty and have gone through hardships just like she has. I feel my experience would allow me to serve and understand people in situations like myself, not so much because I'm black, but because of the wisdom and the knowledge that I have compared to somebody that's been rich.

WE SAW what you did. You drove up in front of a church and stole a small pink tent that was there to advertise Vacation Bible School. You opened your trunk, threw it in and took off. I hope your child appreciates the fact that you stole her a tent.

I HAVE A RANT about the bicycle riders on Tobacco Road. You are supposed to ride with the traffic and you are supposed to walk facing traffic. If you are going to ride a bicycle on the highway, you need to learn the rules of the road.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, you need to get the community service people to pick up the trash on Columbia Road and get the state to cut it.

TO THE PERSON who said, "Welcome to 2009, where things are a little different than 1930." Well, lower back tattoos would have been tacky in 1930 and they are still tacky in 2009. They advertise to the world that you have no self-respect.

TO THE GENTLEMAN who noticed the beautiful young lady and then noticed the trashy tattoo on her back: There is a name for those tattoos. They are called "tramp stamps" by young ladies who wouldn't be caught dead with ink on their bodies, especially right above their backsides. Your opinion was not shallow, sir. The respondent was obviously just tasteless.