Aiken County warrant list is posted on Web

A new addition to the Aiken County Sheriff's Office's Web site could help law enforcement track down as many as 14,000 people with outstanding warrants.


Warrants that date back more than 15 years are now posted on the office's Web site,, said Aiken County sheriff's Capt. Troy Elwell.

The name of the individual charged, the address (at the time of the offense) and the charge is listed on the log, which spans 340 pages.

"We're acquiring roughly 200 warrants a month, and we still have to answer phones and take care of crime business," Capt. Elwell said. "We don't have the manpower nor the time to track down every one of the individuals we have warrants out for."

Sheriff Michael Hunt entered office more than four years ago with already 12,000 warrants that had not been served, Capt. Elwell said.

The city's rapid growth but limited police force have continued to keep the sheriff's office behind, Capt. Elwell said.

A large percentage of the list is made up of minor charges such as contempt of court, fraudulent check and failure to appear.

Providing the list may save a person who might have forgotten or didn't know a warrant was out on them an embarrassing moment, Capt. Elwell said.

"No matter whether the charge is murder or a fraudulent check, if we come across your warrant, we have the responsibility to take you into custody on your job, vacation or anywhere," he said.

Those with warrants might be able to pay a fee or make other arrangements if they find their name on the list.

Capt. Elwell said he hopes that those on the list or people who know someone on the list will help the sheriff's office save time and manpower.

"We're hoping to cut this list in half in the next six months," he said. "This'll help us put time and effort into current crime. It's a battle we can't win without help."

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View the list here. To report a person on the list, call 1-800-922-9709.