Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


FOR THE MICHAEL Jackson supporter, I would like him to know that the testimony from the security officer was under oath. The jury acquitted him, but I didn't. There should be more Michael Jacksons in the world? Give me a break.

MICHAEL JACKSON was talented. California is broke. Now the state is going to spend $2.5 million on a memorial. Why not let the family pay for the memorial if they want to have one?

I'D JUST LIKE to say thank you to those responsible for the wonderful fireworks display on the Fourth. It was spectacular.

THE FIREWORKS on the river were awesome as always. But for me the contemporary music that was played during the event seemed to cheapen the moment a bit. What ever happened to patriotic martial music for events such as these? Just wondering.

A BIG RAVE for Bill Kirby and his uplifting, enjoyable column, rather than the criticism of the mean media always looking for ways to put folks down. Could he share his mother's biscuit recipe that helped him finish the Peachtree?

WILL EVERYONE please just leave the death of Michael Jackson alone? No one felt this strongly towards him when he was alive. Why now?

ONLINE COMMENTER says she wants an explanation about the "mentality" behind blue laws. Maybe she should stand back and look at the big, long-term picture. The more commonsense Christianity falls, the more destruction of our economy and freedoms ascends. It's as plain as day.

RICHMOND COUNTY schools seem to be bragging about how 1,400 failed students passed a test on science and social studies. "The overall pass rate ... was 68 percent, more than double last year's pass rate..." Alas, a pass rate of only 68 percent is still pathetic. Surely, Richmond County kids are not so innately stupid. It's parents and schools who are making the mess.

IT APPEARS that downtown Augusta still needs some major improvements and still has a long way to go. Several property owners refuse to invest in their buildings, even when they sit in what appear to be prime locations on Broad Street. Without noise and curfew controls, it won't take long for renters to move out. Motorcycle noise is such a hindrance, and something needs to be done to quieten the mufflers.

LOUD MUSIC of any kind -- be it vulgar, gospel or elevator music -- which is coming from a automobile is unacceptable and it is unlawful. Nip these gangster wannabes in the bud. Show them how to be decent law abiding citizens. If these law breakers are hard of hearing senior citizens, we will take up a collection to buy them hearing aids.