GOP leader won't attend Sanford rally

COLUMBIA --- The rally seeking South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's resignation at the Statehouse will go on today without a key Republican Party leader.


Republican National Committee member Glenn McCall said Wednesday he doesn't need to hold a rally because legislators have voiced their opinions.

Mr. McCall said he called for a rally in an effort to force Mr. Sanford to step down after he returned from a mysterious disappearance, in which neither his staff nor law enforcement knew his whereabouts, to reveal he was in Argentina with his mistress.

Mr. McCall's rally had been an off-again, on-again thing.

He'd hoped to pressure legislators to come forward and call for Mr. Sanford to resign.

After the majority of the Senate's Republicans did that, the rally was put on hold, but it was back on by the end of last week.

Monday's vote by the state GOP executive committee to censure Mr. Sanford instead of calling for his resignation led to Mr. McCall's decision.

He said his main goal was that people see their legislators speaking out "in any way."

"I had my say. Others have had theirs," Mr. McCall said.

But a rally will go on.

The "resign or impeach citizen's rally" is being pushed through the social networking site Facebook.

Democratic activist Marilyn Hemingway of Seneca is leading organization efforts, however her calls for Mr. Sanford to go predate the revelation of an affair.

She created the "Impeach Mark Sanford" site as Mr. Sanford fought the Republican-led Legislature over requesting $700 million in federal stimulus money set aside for South Carolina's public schools and law enforcement.

The governor staunchly refused, unless legislators used an equal amount of state money to pay down debt, though the Obama administration twice rejected that idea.

Mr. Sanford eventually made the request last month under orders from the state Supreme Court.

Ms. Hemingway has added the governor's six-day disappearance to her site's list of reasons for Mr. Sanford to go.