Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


SINCE MARK SANFORD has declared his love for the South American woman and left his office secretly to be with her, he should be removed from office immediately so he can have all that time to be with the woman he loves.

THE SOUTH CAROLINA Light Governor (playboy Andre Bauer) was on national TV. Please get him to crawl back in his hole where he is reasonably harmless. He said he would "take over the state in the governor's absence." My kids' parents have not slept since.

OBVIOUSLY, Mark Sanford has some deep-rooted mental issues going on. I voted for him, but after hearing everything he has to say about this affair, I think he needs some help. I hope he resigns; I do not trust him as our governor.

IF THE GOVERNOR has found "his soul mate" and is trying "to fall back in love" with his wife, it's pretty obvious his choice has been made and it's just a matter of time before he admits it.

THIS IS A RANT to you and the rest of the media for your biased coverage of Mark Sanford. Everyone knows that you are only going after him because he dared to criticize Obama, just like you go after anyone else who's critical of that man.

I WOULD LIKE to send out a huge rave to the Grovetown Public Safety Police Department for doing such a good job for the citizens of Grovetown.

YEAH, YEAH, there's a lot more coverage on Michael Jackson's death than most. So what! He was an international star. Everyone in the world knows who he is.

RAVE FOR Cal Thomas' column in the Chronicle Wednesday. It is right on the mark about all this media coverage of Michael Jackson. He is an idol all right. All such worship is a sad commentary on our culture today.

ENOUGH ABOUT Michael Jackson. He is "king of pop"? No way. Big band music. Glenn Miller. Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey. That is popular music; had been for 50 years or more. Always will be.

ABSENTEE LANDLORDS have the ability to make Harrisburg wonderful and to raise their own property values if they follow this golden rule: Never rent to anyone you would not want living next door to you.

IS THERE ANY code enforcement at all in the city of Augusta? You have dilapidated homes and buildings all over the place that look worse than shanties in Third World countries. Some with no electricity or running water. This is pathetic.

AFTER READING your editorial page Tuesday swatting down Sonia Sotomayor, I must say that I don't think there's a justice on the Supreme Court that hasn't had a case overturned. That's just the way it is; you are going to win some and you are going to lose some.