Man running from police shot by citizen

A Jefferson County man is in jail after shooting a suspect running from police in his backyard.


Andrew Newton Swan Sr., 56, of Wrens, is being held at the Jefferson County Jail pending a charge of aggravated assault, according to a Jefferson County Sheriff's Department news release. He shot Brian Santana Lane, 24, of Louisville, who was fleeing from police after eluding a traffic stop, authorities said.

Mr. Lane is in "guarded condition" at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics.

Mr. Swan saw Mr. Lane climbing over his fence and running across a pasture beside his home Saturday afternoon when attempted to stop him by shooting at him.

Mr. Lane was on the run from Jefferson Sheriff's Department deputies who attempted to stop his vehicle after he illegally passed motorists around 2:55 p.m. Saturday. The chase exceeded speeds above 100 mph and ended when Mr. Lane stopped his vehicle near the intersection of Campground and Quaker road, about three miles east of Wrens. He left his female passenger behind in the vehicle.

Mr. Swan heard the sirens and soon noticed Mr. Lane entering his backyard. He was tending to his livestock when he attempted to stop Mr. Lane by chasing him with an all-terrain vehicle and firing shots at him.

Mr. Swan told police he yelled at the man several times to stop before firing the shot that struck Mr. Lane. He stopped a passing motorist and instructed him to call 911 after the shooting.

Shortly after, deputies arrived and remained until an ambulance arrived. Mr. Lane remains at MCG and will face several traffic charges upon release.

The female passenger was questioned Saturday but will not face any charges.