Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


IN SOUTH CAROLINA we have these ultraconservatives that are for the blue laws, and they have a double standard. When I go to eat on Sunday at noon, guess who's in line in front of me? People who are dressed up who have just come out of church. They don't consider the fact that people have to had to work to prepare their food for them on Sunday, but they won't let Home Depot or anyone else be open.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who said Lindsey Graham and others should be spending more time recruiting businesses with jobs to come to South Carolina. I for one don't want any more carpetbaggers down here.

COLUMBIA COUNTY officials are scrambling to find other ways to raise taxes since the governor stopped them from claiming that property values have increased. This should cause the residents, who are also voters, to realize that it is time for a lot of changes.

LET A 4-YEAR-OLD be a 4-year-old at home instead of hiring teachers to raise them. Show me some evidence where going to school one year earlier than kindergarten has helped any of them. It would be a start at keeping our schools' afloat. We've got kids coming out of high school not even knowing what the Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument and even the White House are.

PEOPLE DON'T TAKE speeding limit signs seriously. They look at the number on the sign and think that it means they should go over that number. Then when I make it a point not to speed, they act like I'm the one breaking the law.

A RANT FOR all the parents that sign their children up for "team" sports and then the kids don't show up for practices or games and quit the team halfway through the season because something else caught their attention. This is unfair to the rest of the kids on the team, and it is also a very bad lesson to teach your child that is it OK to quit something you start and leave others hanging.

RANT TO GOV. SANFORD for what he has downloaded on his family and state. As a South Carolina resident, I have had good faith in the governor for several years, and it is sad that this has happened. A good governor, but this situation will most likely do him in as governor -- and should in my opinion. I pray for him, his family and South Carolina.

NEXT TIME we spend money on a special election for a SPLOST, let's also have a vote of confidence on our commissioners and the ability to vote them out of office.

CHANGES IN THE use of credit cards are long overdue. My daddy taught me back in the 1970s not to trust in those things, to pay as you go. Look at the crazy number of people who owe by getting so much of what they cannot really pay for, then complaining about their bills.