Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT for the commissioner who suggested we let everyone use and pay private trash haulers. Responsible people will pay, but irresponsible people will go back to dumping their trash by the roadside. Our service is excellent as is, so leave it alone. I know of some cities that charge more than we pay, and that's only for basic service. We have a good system, and to change it would be a disservice to the people of Augusta.

THIS IS A REQUEST to The Augusta Chronicle. Will you please investigate why there is no security at the Augusta Mall? Once again, a lady was pushed down by a group of young men wearing their pants down around their knees. There has to be some reason why there is no security at the mall.

RANT FOR THE ILLITERATE morons around Augusta Mall with their pants down. I have lived now for 72 years, and I have never imagined that humanity could degenerate as far as this. It's as if we are returning to the Stone Age and cavemen. These idiots have no mentality at all.

LINDSEY GRAHAM needs to spend less time preening in front of cameras on national television and needs to spend more time working on doing something useful, like bringing jobs to South Carolina.

THIS IS A RANT for you drivers who always pull out in front of people. You don't see anybody coming behind us, but instead you would just rather pull out in front of us so we can hit you.

I PICK UP MY PAPER every day and I turn on the news and I get so sick and tired of these political pundits, conservatives and liberals, bashing one another. This is America. I thought we are supposed to all have differences, and we are supposed to agree to disagree, but how can you consider yourself to be an American if you can't respect the opinions of others? I couldn't live in a world where everyone voted the same way.

A RAVER WRITES that he is "proud to stand by (his) choice" of voting for Obama. Anybody can make an honest mistake, but to watch the destruction Obama has already brought in just a few months, it's hard to fathom this mistake, too.

THIS IS A RANT for Augusta State University. I was greatly concerned when I learned they were raising tuition and fees by over $500 per semester. But now that I know it was to help pay for TV ads to attract more students to a school that has too many students and supposedly needs new buildings to accommodate them all, I feel much better.

A RAVE to the motorcycle cop who pulled that aggressive nut job in the pickup over this morning on Washington Road. That truck nearly rammed into four cars that I saw. I cheered when the cop came out of nowhere, lights flashing.