Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT for Aiken County trying to blame MCG for the escaped prisoner. He was never in custody because if Aiken County had charged him then it would have been responsible for his hospital bills, so Aiken County chose not to charge him to avoid having to pay the hospital bill. When he's not in custody, there's no reason for MCG to treat him any differently than any other patient in the hospital.

GAY PEOPLE are good people, too. My uncle (mother's brother) was gay. He served in the Army and retired as a bus driver. He also has raised eight of my mother's children. I was a baby girl when my mother died, and he kept and raised all of us. I was very young, but I understood. We are all God's children.

THIS IS A RANT about Commissioner Betty Beard. I am not so surprised that she would think that all of this trouble surrounding her dilapidated childhood home is somehow politically and racially motivated. She states "that about 90 percent of the homes in the Bethlehem community are also in disrepair and why should she be singled out as a slumlord." Well, Ms. Beard, you are in a position of authority in the city and you of all people should know that you are responsible for the upkeep of your property.

I WOULDN'T TAKE my 10- and 12-year-old children to a strip joint. But after taken them to the Augusta Mall over the weekend that's exactly what it felt like. If mall management can't enforce some basic decency and decorum, then this family will take its business elsewhere.

'COLUMBIA COUNTY may change grading,' a headline says. The powers that be there seem to think nobody knows what "flunk" means, so they'll change it to "does not meet standards," a sick euphemism if there ever was one. Soon, a grade from a public school will be meaningless.

RICHMOND COUNTY politicians continue to tax and then spend millions on "planning" for absurd projects that never get completed anyway. Who's making all the money? Companies that plan.

SPEAKING OF HIS medical care plans, Obama said we should "beware of scare tactics and fear-mongering." In the same speech, he says we need to change the present system so fast because it is "a ticking bomb."

IT'S GREAT TO HEAR good things about our president. I voted for him, and I am proud to stand by my choice.