Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RAVE for the Home Depot employee in Evans whose name is Clement. I was there and was wearing a heart monitor and had too many things in my basket, I guess, and my monitor went off. He came to my rescue. He took my stuff. He put it in the car. And I paid for it. He got me some water. He gave me a place to sit down. I wish there were people like you, Clement.

SHAME ON THE PERSON who stole the wheelchair from the back of my husband's truck. I do hope you really needed it.

KUDOS TO MICHAEL HOLAHAN for his picture of the little baseball playing girl in Thursday's paper. Should win an award.

DO WE HAVE any extra Deputies available to patrol Mike Padgett Highway? Something really needs to be done about all the speeders on this road.

I MUST RESPOND to other "Rants and Raves" in regard to church attire. One person said God doesn't care what you wear to church. What if men wear Speedos and women wear bikinis? Maybe the person who does "their own thing at home" might involve a six pack. Show your respect when you are in God's house. It doesn't mean if you can't wear a suit, don't come. It means dress appropriately.

TO ALL RESPONSES on church attire: Worship as you please and where you please. You can come to my church anytime you want to. We don't judge what you wear or what you don't wear. We are all there for the same reason. To give God the glory he deserves.

LET ME SAVE the city $40,000 and a trip to Little Rock. The only place where a trolley is successful is a city that has many tourists. We need to attract tourists first. The locals will not ride a trolley. Spend the study money on a poll of potential riders, and you will get your answer.

IT'S RIDICULOUS that the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame board of directors might prevent the volunteers from finishing their cleanup of the gardens. These people volunteered their time to work in this heat. They should be commended, not prevented from finishing because someone got their feelings hurt over a sign.

TO THE LADY who drives a possibly silver Mitsubishi with a Georgia decal on your back window, that pulled out of First Bank of Georgia Wednesday morning around 11:15, that did not stop at the stop sign: You pulled out in front of my son on his motorcycle. He went from 40 to zero in 2 seconds. Your back end hit the front of his bike. You came close to putting somebody in the hospital.