GBI delivers report on shooting in Wadley

LOUISVILLE, GA. --- A report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on a fatal shooting in Wadley by a part-time officer might be on its way to the grand jury.


Jefferson County's district attorney, Hayward Altman, said he has received the GBI's report on the April incident and would take about a week to complete his review. He will then to decide on further action.

The shooting occurred April 3 when two Wadley police officers responded to a domestic call on North Main Street.

A man identified as Jerry Conner was reportedly beating on a vehicle when the officers arrived.

Mr. Conner turned on one of the officers with a knife, Wadley Police Chief Wesley Lewis said at the time.

Chief Lewis said the other officer called for backup.

A state patrol officer arrived and attempted to taser Mr. Conner. Chief Lewis said the Taser had no effect on Mr. Conner.

Wadley Cpl. Patrick Paquette and two investigators arrived to assist the officers, the chief said.

Chief Lewis said the officers gave multiple commands for Mr. Conner to drop the knife, which he did not do.

"At some point, Officer Paquette had to decide to use deadly force to protect himself and his fellow officers from receiving serious bodily harm or even death," Chief Lewis said.

Jefferson County Coroner Edward James said Mr. Conner was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the abdomen, and died that evening at Jefferson Hospital.

Chief Lewis said Cpl. Paquette, who is a part-time officer with Wadley and works full time as an officer with the Richmond County Board of Education, is on administrative leave from his department.

Mr. Altman said it is important for everybody involved to know what really happened.