Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


IN RESPONSE to the person who said: "To those who attend church Sunday morning and Sunday night: Please wear appropriate attire. Flip-flops are not appropriate, nor are cutoff jeans or pants." Somehow I don't think God cares what you wear to worship him. Would it be better for a person who can't afford nice clothes to just stay home rather than offend you?

IF YOU ARE in church for the right reason, you won't be looking at what someone is wearing. That is why I stopped going to church, old busybody ladies making fun of an older gentleman's clothes at church one night. I do my thing with God at home. I don't think he cares what I am wearing. He is looking for what is in my heart, not on my back.

TO THE PERSON complaining about improper attire for church: Is it really about how you're dressed? Is that the reason to go to church? What you get from the worship experience should be more important than anything else.

DITTO ON THE attire for church. I do understand that not everyone can "dress up." That's not the point. It's a matter of respect for where you are and who you are there to worship. You are not going to the beach or camping. You are going to worship God, and he deserves your best.

DON'T RECALL when anyone where I go to church was asked to leave, and certainly not mistreated. But this world has gotten too "I can do anything I want," and there is too little respect for others, not to mention themselves.

GOVERNMENT-OWNED car companies, government-owned banks, government-owned credit card companies. I will never buy from GM or Chrysler again. I will not keep my money in a government-owned bank. I will bury it in the backyard in a Mason jar. I don't want government-owned health care either. No one is turned down for health care in this country -- not even the illegals.

CHRONICLE FRONT-PAGE story says the new Augusta Coliseum Authority must improve its "image." What's all this modern "image" nonsense? If the authority, or any government entity, works properly, its image will take care of itself.

WHY IS IT that anyone who does not go step for step with Obama has to be a racist? Is it now wrong to have freedom of speech and a sharing of ideas?

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for Anthony Esposito and the group of people who cleaned up the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame eyesore on Reynolds Street. We should all be proud of their efforts.

LEE AND BETTY BEARD were not leaders in the Bethlehem neighborhood. Their neighborhood went to pot while Lee and Betty watched.