Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I WANT TO KNOW people's opinions on the "new math" for the freshmen in high school. My son failed this class along with many others. Are they going to be able to graduate? What happens if they can't pass? Yes, make it tougher but not so tough the kids fail. Personally, the Georgia school board failed.

I HAVE BEEN reading the paper in Augusta for some time now, and I see drug dealers and robbers get more time than killers. The system works to help the criminals, not the victims or their families.

MY HUSBAND and I went to the Augusta Mall last weekend and were absolutely disgusted by the clothes some of the young girls were wearing. They might as well have been in their underwear! I've never seen clothes like that in my life! They looked like prostitutes! I believe some kind of dress code should also be enforced because apparently the only people who want to see that mess are teenage boys!

I AM AN 80-YEAR-OLD lady and I'm calling in because I don't know what happened to indecent exposure now with the boys going around with their pants below their butts, and we older people have to sit or either walk and watch this. It should be a law that they shouldn't go around showing their underwear with their pants down to their knees. Things are getting so bad, after awhile they probably will pull their underwear down.

AUGUSTA MALL needs to be aware of the fact that if you don't get rid of the sagging pants punks, your mall will be like Regency Mall. I'm from South Carolina, and Georgia will not honor my concealed weapons permit, so I have long since stopped going to Augusta anyway.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY school budget is apparently going to be $225,241,336, for one year. How big is Richmond County? Isn't that a heck of a lot of money for a few schools? If the county had 225 schools, it'd still be over a million per school.

PRESIDENT OBAMA hadn't even finished his speech in Cairo and Republican right wing hate specialists Rush Limbaugh and Liz Cheney were trashing and criticizing him, refuting everything he was saying. When George W. Bush was president, however, it was not patriotic to criticize the president. Of course, these Republicans seem to have abandoned that philosophy along with their family values and all their other failed values that have destroyed our economy.

THIS IS A RANT to my brothers and sisters in the minority community. Enough is enough. Thank God that we got Barack Obama as president. Not everybody in America that is white was a plantation owner. And not all my brothers and sisters worked on those plantations. So enough is enough. Let's carry on and let's chug ahead.