Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


HERE WE GO AGAIN. We are driving less with smaller, fuel-efficient cars, so Congress needs to raise gasoline taxes. Duh. They never thought about cutting spending to match revenue.

I'M SORRY no one in Augusta knows what "slower traffic keep right" means. On top of that, when they are in the left lane illegally they like to slam on the brakes if you are trying to get by. These people are a hazard that is almost as bad as DUI. I think you can win a Georgia driver's license on those scratch-off lottery tickets.

YOU DRIVE a big truck or SUV and you're accused of having too much testosterone; you drive what Chevbama is pushing and you'll fuel it with testosterone, as no self-respecting man could drive one. I'm sure the NPR parking lot will be full of 'em, though.

IT IS ALWAYS NICE to see a positive comment. If anyone found a wallet at the Evans theater on Sunday night, please turn it in to the manager there or drop it in the person's mailbox. Keep the little bit of money, but please return the boy's keepsakes that were in there.

OBAMA'S HANDLERS have become expert at manipulating people via the Internet. For every issue possible, he's already got a Web site and an "org" with a patriotic-sounding, but super vague, name to con the public. A good example is: Health Care For America Now, which says: "Join President Obama and Health Care for America Now in the fight for quality, affordable health care for all."

GENERAL MOTORS explained: 1959 General Motors Corp. -- the auto-making leader of the world. 1989 General Motors Corp. -- got a mechanic coming. 2009 Government Motors Co. -- Big O the mechanic arrived, demoted the general to private first class and placed a second lieutenant in charge.

WHAT'S THE POINT of building a beautiful TEE center here? Fix the roads first! No one likes driving on these bad roads here in Augusta.

I WANT TO comment to the person that is so hung up on the trip that President Obama and his wife took to New York. Had we paid this much attention to the past administration, this president would not have so many eyes on him. Instead of finding so much fault in the things the president does, we need to get behind him. Stop bashing our president.

RANT TO THE inconsiderate individuals who think it's better to attempt to drive around the new road humps on Sugarcreek Drive instead of driving over them. You're ruining the grass. How would you like it if someone drove in your yard and ruined the grass? Those humps aren't that high. Had you not been driving in excess of 60 mph every day perhaps there would have been no need to put them in.