Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RAVE TO the person complaining about the loud music at Lumpkin Road and Deans Bridge Road. These kids do this because they are not worried about getting a ticket. The police don't seem to care. I have made about 10-15 complaints about loud music on Windsor Spring Road. Most of the time police don't even respond. Laws are passed but not enforced.

I WANT TO RANT about the construction on Columbia Road. If it's said you are only working from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., then stop at 6 a.m.!

THE HARRISBURG neighborhood is not an ATV playground. Our rights-of-way that have been planted are donated to Richmond County. If you damage the plants you will be fined for your vandalism. It is illegal to ride ATVs in downtown neighborhoods. We are working with the sheriff's department to bring you to justice.

RANT TO THE North Augusta recreation department: T-ballers should not keep score (they are learning fundamentals of the game); nor should they have "playoffs"; nor should their games begin at 8 p.m.!

DUBOSE PORTER, who is running for Georgia governor, says public education's problems are the result of "seven years of damage ... by Republican leaders." Alas, the problem is from decades of damage from both big parties. If Mr. Porter must run based on party rather than on common sense, he's not the man for governor.

NO ONE should have murdered the baby killer, Dr. Tiller, but to compare him to the Nazi death-camp butcher seems justifiable.

A RANT AGAINST the security at the Augusta Mall. My wife and I are in our 60s, and last week a group of young men with their pants down around their ankles and their butts showing pushed my wife out of the way so that they could walk side by side down the aisle and just laughed about it as they passed by. I talked to a security person, who said there was nothing they could do. My wife and I will not go back to the Augusta Mall.

I DIDN'T KNOW that thing beside the steering wheel in the car was a turn signal. I thought that was where you were supposed to hang your auto air freshener. I learn something new every day when I read The Augusta Chronicle.

I AM DISGUSTED with ASU in regard to the shuttle system they are forcing down our throats and ignoring our many complaints. This system, which will provide transportation to fewer than 500 students living on campus, will cost each student an additional $96 a semester when the state of Georgia has already raised tuition by about $500 for next year. During the current economic situation, why on Earth do you think it's a good time to start a shuttle system?