Land of Lost story began in Augusta


Former Augustan Chris Henchy's journey to Land of the Lost began more than 30 years ago, while he was plopped down in front of the Saturday morning series.

"Yeah, I was a total child of the '70s," said Mr. Henchy, a successful producer and screenwriter. "I grew up watching it in Augusta and having my parents yelling at me to turn the television off. But I always loved the idea."

Mr. Henchy co-wrote the screenplay of the new feature film adaptation of Land of the Lost, which opens today. Before Land of the Lost , he worked as a writer on television shows including Entourage, I'm With Her and Spin City and worked as a producer on Entourage , Eastbound & Down and I'm With Her , based loosely on his relationship with wife Brooke Shields. He lived in Augusta as a child and his parents live in Evans.

Mr. Henchy said writing Land of the Lost was different after so many years writing for television. The feature film offered him more space to develop the story and characters and the aliens, dinosaurs and other special effects from the original series allowed him to toy with big budget ideas.

"I figured if I wrote something they couldn't do, well, then I could always go back and rewrite," he said. "But what I did take from television was the philosophy that nothing is indispensable. You always know that you aren't writing what will be your last joke."

In 2006, Mr. Henchy joined Will Ferrell and Adam McKay at Gary Sanchez Productions, a production company connected to Paramount. Land of the Lost was co-written with former Saturday Night Live writer Dennis McNicholas.

"I like it. I like writing with another person. I prefer it. In this business, everything becomes collaboration anyway, and for me, success is working with your friends."

Fatherhood, Mr. Henchy said, has also affected him creatively. Mr. Henchy and Ms. Shields have two young children, and he knows that one day, they will see something he has worked on. He said there's now a certain sense of legacy in his work.

"It has really become a part of what I do," he said. "You do wonder what your kids will think in 15 years. They are an overshadowing figure in what I'm doing and what I work on."

While Mr. Henchy has been associated with successful projects, he said box office success is ancillary to the joy he feels when those close to him respond to something he has written.

"It always goes back to my friends and family," he said. "I love hearing my wife laugh. I love making Adam and the guys I work with laugh. There's pure joy in that and those are the things, driving home, that make me happy."

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