Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE A RANT about people in south Augusta who dump trash out on the back roads and throw trash along the road. You are a bunch of pigs and if I see you I will file a complaint and gladly testify against you in court. No wonder people are moving out of Richmond County. It looks like a big landfill.

TO THE REPUBLICAN griping about the Obama administration and how it's not going to keep the country safe: Well, who was president when the terrorists hit the Twin Towers. Bush was in Florida. All you Republicans can keep on whining. The Democrats are doing a good job.

I'VE HEARD PEOPLE talking about Sonia Sotomayor and the rule of law. I was born in 1946, and I graduated from high school in 1964. Where was the rule of law then? My parents had never been able to vote, and schools were segregated. Where was the rule of law then?

I GUESS voter intimidation is OK as long as you are for the right political party. The Black Panther Party up there in Pennsylvania got cleared of their charges because Barack Obama and Eric Holder felt like what they did was not intimidation when they are standing outside the voters' polls with bats and intimidating people and stopping them from going into the polling place.

A RANT to Chronicle editors for not suppressing accusations from other ranters implying that people who do not support Obama are racists. This is not true, and publishing such comments only incites anger and hatred.

I AGREE with the rant about Columbia Road in Columbia County. Except for a few small potholes, the road seemed just fine to me. When I saw they were repaving, I wondered whose brother-in-law got the contract.

WHY SHOULD taxpayers give Richmond County money if commissioners can't or won't agree on how to spend it? If it looks like it won't go their way, they'll not show up. When they get their act together I'll vote to give them my hard earned money.

IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE that an abortion doctor would be murdered. But why aren't the abortion supporters alarmed about the 1.5 million babies a year who are killed? 1.5 million a year, 4,110 a day, 171 an hour, three a minute. In the time it takes to read the comics, 12 babies have been aborted, and that's not funny.

WILL THE PERSON on Rhodes Drive in south Augusta please find a new home for the puppy you have let go. We know who he belongs to and I have reported you. Now you have taken the tags and collar off of him and let him go. Please don't ever get another puppy. I am tired of putting him back in your yard.