Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


PLEASE, COLUMBIA COUNTY commissioners, no more apartments. Just ask the police where they have to go most of the time. And if they're going to be upscale, how many people will be piling in it to pay the upscale prices? Please, no more apartments in Columbia County.

TO THE KIDS who shot fireworks by Brick Pond park in North Augusta. I hope you had fun, I did that when I was a kid. But I always cleaned up after myself -- it was something my parents taught me. I cleaned up your mess -- that's the problem with many of the youth these days -- they don't take responsibility for their own actions.

OBAMA'S NEWEST "PLAN" to regulate finance (totally unconstitutional) would "centralize enforcement." That means it would make the finance part of America a police state with Obama the police chief. How absurd can we get? We already have the Securities and Exchange Commission to watch for crime in finance. It's failed miserably, but another government group will be just as corrupt.

FOR YOU PEOPLE who stop behind other cars at four-way stop signs. You are still required to stop again after the car in front of you pulls away. Check the Georgia driver's manual or ask a law enforcement officer.

I WISH WE HAD a bullet train that went to both Atlanta and Savannah from Augusta. Imagine the possibilities.

THIS IS A RANT to Richmond County. Please do something about all the potholes in most of the roads; they are messing people's cars up.

THIS IS A RANT to the person who will no longer read The Chronicle because he or she was so disgusted by the article on potty training by Dr. John Rosemond in the May 10 paper: First of all, Dr. Rosemond is an expert in his field, giving extremely good common sense advice. Maybe if you read a few of his books you would change your mind. And Dr. Rosemond did not say you should lock your child in the bathroom. You should concentrate on your reading comprehension.

RAVES for Richmond County Board of Education President Marion Barnes and Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden for leading public education in Richmond County into an era of greatly improved educational opportunities for all Richmond County's children.