Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS FOR THE PERSON who said that board of education employees get paid for nothing. Come into the old cafeterias and see how we work with no fans and no air blowing while we serve food to your bad kids. Now that's called a sweatshop.

CALLING IN REFERENCE to the editorial Wednesday about the disgraced Nancy Pelosi. She disgraced herself a couple of months ago when she said in California that she would let all the illegal aliens into this country. That's disregarding the laws of the United States. She should have resigned when she made those statements. Most definitely she's got to resign now, or else be impeached.

THIS IS A RANT against the editorial Wednesday about Nancy Pelosi. No one knows what was said in that meeting with the CIA. You don't know if they told the truth, shaded the truth, or perhaps said that waterboarding was approved but was not being used at the time. I think you need to stick with the facts. Most people think waterboarding is torture.

TO THE PERSON who said that cats are pests: I bet that you're a pest to have as a neighbor.

I SEE WHERE Hillary Clinton wants to send $110 million to Pakistan for emergency aid. When is Washington going to start sending emergency aid to Social Security and Medicare?

TO THE PERSON ranting about unwed/single mothers: Shame on you for showing your ignorance. Some single mothers have been raped, widowed and divorced. Not all got pregnant by being irresponsible.

THE DEVELOPERS of Marshall Square have long argued that their plan was to build an "upscale" retail and residential complex at Evans Town Center. Now they're suing Columbia County for obstructing their development of low- and moderate-income housing on the site. So their real plan finally comes to light, not that it's any surprise to us. Next time, go buy land in an area where the people are a little more gullible.

FEW AMERICAN LEADERS know how to do anything sensible nowadays. A group from South Carolina wants to revitalize once-thriving areas around Graniteville. Good idea. But they start right off wanting $800,000 (still a heck of a lot of money) just to "assess" the situation. Then they say the "revitalization" will cost $200,000. In other words, it'll cost more to "assess" than to revitalize. They hope to get all this money from the federal "stimulus" plan, which is not even real money, and the cost will be borne by taxpayers.