Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A RANT to the Richmond County Board of Education police officer who feels the need to drive double the speed limit each morning on Doug Barnard Parkway. Today you came close to hitting me. If you can go 90 in a 45, can I?

THIS IS A RANT to the person who complained about the number of "single and unwed mothers" in the area. Did you ever consider that it takes two to make a baby and obviously the father either doesn't want to fully commit to the woman or he abandoned the mother and child? A man must have written this rant. I'm also assuming you are a Republican.

WOW. To categorize all Southern girls as having "no self-respect" is outright ignorant. If you don't like the South go back up north, where people are stereotyped as being rude and obnoxious. You'll fit right in.

AIKEN, JUST ONE COUNTY, has a school superintendent, a deputy superintendent, two associate superintendents and five assistant superintendents. That's completely absurd, and oh-so wasteful of tax money. If there are five districts, simply hire a secretary for each one. The secretaries end up doing the work anyway.

SOMEBODY BELIEVES the special purpose local option sales tax will "keep property taxes down." Don't believe it. Property owners, check your records and see if your property taxes have gone down since the SPLOST con got started. Nope! It's just one more 21st-century political con job.

IS IT NOW LEGAL to change lanes without a turn signal? I always do and always will use my turn signal. It is a courtesy to other drivers.

A HUGE RAVE to the Richmond County sheriff's department for quickly and professionally clearing downtown so everyone could get home safely after Thunder Over Augusta.

OBAMA REPORTEDLY "ordered" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt all Israeli settlement building. Even Obama can't be so egotistical and so stupid that he really believes he can just issue an order to the head of another state and expect the other leader to kowtow and say, "Yes, sir."

WILL SOMEBODY please tell Dick Cheney that he is no longer in office. Go fishing, Dick!

FOR THE PAST 50 years we have been told that gas prices go up in the summer because of more driving. Now we are being told that the "summer blend" is what is driving the price up. Three cents worth of "blend" doesn't compute to a 25-cent price rise. We are getting taken by big oil again.