Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


CATS ARE PESTS and here's why: Cats will poop and pee in flower beds, in vegetable gardens, on the floor and children's sandboxes, leave dander all over, kill birds roosting in trees at night, leave hair all over the place, leave tracks on cars, scratch furniture, climb on roofs and kill frogs. If you love your cat, keep it away from your neighbors and animal control won't pick it up.

A RAVE FOR the Bell Auditorium for bringing Gordon Lightfoot to Augusta. It was the best concert I've attended in many years. Thank you, Mr. Lightfoot, for the best wedding anniversary gift I've ever received, and thank you to my husband for 42 wonderful years.

I KNOW WHY the Republicans are crying and whining so much. It's because they know that they were wrong in supporting that appointed liar Bush. President Obama has so much more class then the Bushites. President Obama is going to lead the country back to the greatness we had before the Republican years.

OBAMA SAYS "Americans know they ... (must) live within their means and pay what they owe." At the same time he pushes for easier credit for those who are too stupid to realize that. He blames the problem on credit card companies that were forced by government to give cards to lousy credit risks. Now the credit card companies have to come up with ways to protect their investments, and Obama calls the companies the bad guys. That's a lie, and Obama knows it's a lie.

I HATE TO SEE people out of work, but I am glad to see the auto industry suffer. The price for a car is ridiculous. The housing market is the same way. Medicine, drugs, gas, insurance ... poor people can't survive so I hope it gets so bad that a new car costs $3,500 again and a house is $15,000 or less.

WHAT AN IDIOT! This is for the lady driving the gray Mazda convertible on Saturday. I hope you got where you were going safely after cutting through the gas station at Evans to Locks and Belair roads and then cutting through the Lowe's parking lot like a crazy person!

TO THE PERSON who says that posting the county salaries shows that county workers get paid for doing nothing, I'd like to say get real! You are probably drawing disability for a hangnail and are too lazy to work!

RANTS TO THE VAN that passed me on old Wrightsboro on a double yellow with oncoming traffic. Had I or the car coming toward us sneezed we would all be dead today.

TO THE RANTER who said that "single unwed mothers" have no self-respect. Why didn't you also rant about the single unwed fathers? Unless these girls got pregnant by themselves, there are just as many single unwed fathers out there.