Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


"KICKSTART" IS A recent politically correct, super-vague buzzword that is supposed to explain where money is spent, even when the money goes down the drain and into the pockets of pols and their pol pals. E.g., Augusta City Administrator Fred Russell wants several million to "kickstart redevelopment" of some city areas. Government never built a successful town, and it never will because it can't. That's the work of private initiative and investment.

THE KROC CENTER fundraising leaders include a "leadership awareness chairwoman." What on earth is that? Somebody to make the public "aware" of "leadership." Shouldn't good leadership be evident from its results and not need somebody to advertise it?

NEWS STORY re: South Carolina students' tests. The first-year test replaces the 10-year test, which replaces the Challenge Test which ... Hold it! Just let competent teachers do their own testing and get government out of education. Government, after all, killed it.

OBAMA SAYS the current medical system is paid for by "employers, government and individuals." Whoa! Employers pay the individuals less so they can hand the money over for medical care; thus that money really comes from the individuals. Meantime, the government taxes those same individuals and claims it is paying a share. Again, all that money comes from individuals.

FRIGHTENING CHRONICLE sports section headline: 'Former Tide QB gets shot.' Zowie! That's scary! Then we find he got an opportunity to play. Don't worry, the QB didn't get shot.

NO MORE BASEBALL PLACES. How about more money for city buses.

THE PERSON who wants a full-time nurse in every Columbia County school should get ready for a big increase in taxes. I believe nurses make a very nice salary. Who pays her/him? The taxpayer.

A RANT FOR President Obama's U-turn on releasing the latest round of prisoner-abuse photos. After touting transparency in government he's now playing politics by using the old canard of "you don't need to see this because of national security concerns." We need more accountability, not more cover-up.

HEADLINE: "More passing graduation test." But are more learning anything?