Designated scooter

There's a new biker gang in town, cruising the Augusta streets at night, hanging out in front of bars and clubs, looking for cars to lift -- with the owner's permission, of course. It's the staff of Zingo, a designated driver service.


Founded in 2005 by two Atlanta entrepreneurs, Zingo Transportation Inc. has become popular across the nation. How it works: You call the business after a night out, or even after a doctor appointment, and a Zingo driver will come to drive you home.

The cost: $20 for pickup and $3 per mile.

"Driving for Zingo is like coming to someone's rescue before they do something they'll regret," says driver John Savage. "It feels awesome knowing you're a part of someone's responsible decision to party smart."

Mr. Savage, who has been driving with the company since it opened in March, said he was once dispatched to a party only to make a late night run to a fast food drive-through.

"That's not traditionally the way Zingo works, but it made several of our clients very happy," Mr. Savage said.