Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


OBAMA RIDICULED rival John McCain when he proposed $18 billion in cuts from the federal budget and said it was only one-half of 1 percent. Now that Obama is proposing the same amount of cuts it's a great deal of money.

THE GOVERNOR has signed a bill adding fines for certain types of conditions and speeds. He is hoping that speeders will not disappoint because he has already calculated the amount of money it will bring. At least he is not disguising it as a way to deter speeding the way the cigarette tax was touted as a way to deter smoking.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Kids Helping Kids Spring Ball at the Marriott Hotel & Suites to benefit Safe Homes of Augusta. This was a very nice, dressy charity event for children. Both of my children had a wonderful time.

WITH ALL THE TROUBLE our own auto industry is having, why are we going to foreign markets and imported vehicles? Indian trucks, European-manufactured GM cars. Why not just roll over and let the U.S. become the market of the world? We won't produce anything and just buy all the other countries have to offer.

THIS IS A RAVE for good neighbors. When a misguided youth wandered through the neighborhood looking for trouble to get into, three witnesses responded. Your fast action helped the police do their job and hopefully sent a clear message to the kid. Thank you.

ATTENTION WOULD-BE drug dealers: Harrisburg is filled with "snitches." Dozens of us are watching you. We have high standards, which include zero drug tolerance. We despise drug dealing and booming cars. You will go to jail!

NEWS: "Georgia's tax collections during April plummeted 20.6 percent from the same month the year before -- or $362.1 million." Good! All politicians have to do is spend less and, voila, the budget is balanced. Will that happen? No way on earth. There is no way to be elected to office today, at any level, without first being ignorant of even the most basic balancing of your checkbook.

RANT: Why is it necessary to publish teacher salaries?

WHY DOES Hephzibah have cops? People in this town fly down roads, run stop signs. Children live in this town, and somebody should do something about this problem, especially on Carswell Avenue.

THE "EXPERTS" are trying to say that the recession is over and economic indicators are showing improvement. I don't see it. Unemployment is up to 8.9 percent, and that is a lot of people out of work. If anything, the recession may be leveling out somewhat, but with rising gas prices our future will be tumbling downhill again.