Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RAVE for all the mothers featured in Sunday's article about moms working from home. It's also a rant for the readers who want to make it a debate on stay-at-home moms vs. moms working outside the home. That's not what the article's about.

THIS LOCAL BUSINESS traveler is "done" with flying out of Augusta. Continual late flights, resulting missed connections, delays and especially downright rude gate agents in ATL. A real shame. Augusta has a nice airport with courteous folks. However, they are at the mercy of ATL idiots.

RICHMOND COUNTY'S superintendent, Dana Bedden, could save some money if on a rotating basis he moved administrators out of downtown offices and into schools. That would give them a good opportunity to see the effects of their decisions on the daily lives of students.

SO THE CENSUS takers will have a badge. Anybody can make a phony badge and show false ID. Be very careful who you trust, especially when you answer the door.

IT'S REALLY SAD when someone says an animal running around like a cat or a dog should be picked up and disposed of. How about put up for adoption? You should have more humane thoughts towards other living creatures than for them to just be disposed of.

REPUBLICANS ARE whiners? Do you know how sick and tired we got of hearing people complain and whine about President Bush for eight years? Give me a break.

THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE made me sick by talking about potty training in Sunday's paper. The man who advised locking a child in the bathroom is sick. I will not look at your paper again.

IT'S AWFULLY FUNNY you don't see the mayor rallying and trying to get money to save the transportation system. The buses here are a vital part of the community. Not everybody in Augusta is interested in baseball, plus you already have a perfectly good stadium in Lake Olmstead.

I'M CALLING about the potholes on Windsor Spring Road Extension between Old Louisville Road and Peach Orchard Road. Can't Georgia's Department of Transportation put some gravel in the holes while they are working on the road to fix it so it doesn't tear up people's front ends or eat up their tires?

THIS IS A RAVE for Mark Sanford for cutting down on security in the state capitol. Now why doesn't he go a step further and cut down on security at the South Carolina governor's mansion.