Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


OBAMA IS GIVING away too much to big business. He will give away our freedom if he keeps on giving.

BEFORE YOU CALL Rep. John Barrow to vote for the U.S. Clean Air Act, know the facts and how it will affect you. This act will place heavy fines on industry, which will pass them on to the taxpayers. Prices will go up.

RANTS TO THE humorless crowd looking for something to "get" on Obama supporters. Now they criticize Wanda Sykes for her remark about Rush Limbaugh, who apparently is not suffering from kidney failure. Michael J. Fox, on the other hand, does suffer from Parkinson's disease, and Rush mocked his symptoms. Raves to the people who can tell the difference between Sykes' hyperbole and Rush's cruelty, and raves to Sykes for nailing the inhumane buffoon.

THE NATIONAL MEDIA are so biased toward positive coverage of Obama, they remind me of the old Soviet Tass news agency. The nation deserves better coverage than this bunch of suck-ups can deliver.

RANT FOR OUR commissioners, Time to get along, children. The TEE center was approved by the voters without the add-ons, and the baseball stadium is perfect where it is.

TO THE PERSON apologizing for the error in judgment in driving: My hat goes off to you for being able to " man up" or "woman up," as the case may be. I have had people pull out in front of me and never even look. And they scared 10 years off my life! Kudos to you. You are wise enough to learn from your mistake. God bless you!

THIS A RANT to the Richmond County Narcotics Division: I think that it is a sin and a shame that you have to use "confidential informants" (snitches) to set people up, just so you can look like a big shot and make an arrest. Then the real drug dealer gets a pat on the back and walks free. Good job. Keep the ones out there that are really slinging dope and take the ones who really aren't to jail. Ha, what a joke!

RANT TO DOCTORS telling you to "call 911 in case of emergency" after hours and having private home numbers. In the old days, you could call your doctor at his home any time in an emergency. This would have saved $1,500 for a simple prescription, which I had to get from the hospital emergency room.