Rants and raves

Comments from our readers.


I WOULD LIKE TO thank our local sheriff's offices for doing such a great job. They rarely get any kind of appreciation for their great work. Anyone else can go apply if they think they can do a better job. Thank you for keeping our streets safe!

DO MODERN POLITICAL leaders con their constituents? The Richmond school board does things like pretend it will open a new school "as a way to get voters to approve a list of sales tax projects." And what are sales tax projects, but simply more taxes? Then Garrett and National Hills were included ... as were football stadiums ... as a way to sweeten the sales tax proposals and ensure passage.

These things are nothing but con jobs pulled on taxpayers by politicians.

AMAZING! THE GEORGIA Legislature actually passed a sensible law, i.e., to require proof of citizenship to vote. Those against this law claim it denies the vote to poor and minority voters, but what a lot of left-wing hooey. Anybody born in the U.S. can get a birth certificate at nearly no cost. And anybody who is a legitimate citizen who was born somewhere else either held onto his citizenship papers or is too stupid to be voting anyway.

ALL THOSE WHO are anti-abortion: how do you justify war, torture, killing -- and even eating animals? Either ALL life is sacred or it's not. You can't pick and choose.

COLUMBIA COUNTY WILL cut some "education" jobs because they can't pay the people. Sensible thinking and action. And interesting, some of the job titles they'll cut: paraprofessionals, clerical aides, graduation coaches, education parapros (what were those other parapros?), career specialists, tech support specialists. Why not have a principal, a secretary, and some teachers, and that's all.

A HUGE RAVE AND happy Nurses Week to the nurses at the Charlie Norwood VAMC, for all your hard work taking care of American veterans. You are appreciated!

TO THE SUNDAY question: "Have you donated to a charity lately?" I clicked yes, because I donate to the welfare system every day with my hard earned money.

I HAVE TO AGREE with the comment that parts of Augusta look trashy. Why can't they even mow sides of the road like Gibbs Road or where the children have to walk?

RANTS TO THOSE bragging on the stock market going up. If they gave me over a trillion dollars, my financial situation would rise. The only problem is that it is just a way to fool the taxpayer into investing more money into the market so the government will have some more to spend.